Saturday, March 20, 2010

a very potter weekend

The gate at the side of our house. These flowers have completely taken over our side fence. It's kind of amazing.

Good Evening,
I have spend most of this weekend re-reading harry potter, and it just so happens that the movies are playing on ABC family. So I’ve been watching those as well. The fourth one’s on right now.

I’m on the sixth book right now, I’m reading them for my Harry Potter class. I definitely read until 3 am this morning because I wanted to finish book 5. Its amazing how addicting they are, even when you know exactly whats coming…

I’ve also caught this really lovely cold from my bff/roommate. I hate being sick. Especially when you aren’t sick enough to actually get to stay in bed. You’re just sick enough to be miserable. YUCK. I would really like to go to sleep, but I know I won’t be able to breathe well. bleh.

I’ve got a test in my sex and gender class this week, which I am not looking forward to. But I think that’s pretty much it, unless I’m mistaken. I have a pretty big research paper due in my religion class on april 8th and I really should be getting started on that. Dangit. I am so tired of writing papers. Although I did pull one out in a few hours on Wednesday. But, it was a pretty easy one. Ah well…

I’ve had a bit of a dying adventure tonight. I bought a uniform skirt for my Harry Potter costume (if we dress up for my harry potter and fantasy lit class on april 1st we get extra credit. ) But unfortunately the skirt was navy blue rather than the dark charcoal it was supposed to be. But I couldn’t dye it charcoal so I decided to dye it black. Its streaked the entire inside of my washer a nice blue color… hopefully it comes off.

Well, I’m off.

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