Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Photo Dump

Another week in January is gone.

The flash on hipstamatic makes gigi rainbow colored. Sunday night spent watching sense and sensibility

Monday - sitting on the floor next to my space heater. so flipping cold in the midwest

Porkchops and fried rice I made on Sunday. 


I should seriously just start a sunset 365 :D

Snow this morning. 

 Theology studying earlier in the week...

 Set her up with a towel and a banana today.

Midterm studying thursday night.. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Photo Dump - Oh YEAH

At a birth for 22 hours on sunday. I was so ready to be home.  

Sunday night, never so happy to be in my own bed.

Tuesday lab practice at school. OH YEAH

Business card case that I got from Brighton. Now just waiting for my business cards. 

The sunset wednesday night

My grandma passed away wednesday. So relieved she's not suffering anymore. This is her with my grandpa.

We will be super clean when the apocolpyse comes! There are 14 bottles of simply saline there.. FOURTEEN

Headband from monday

 The superheroes took over the fire station.
Very excited about the "DOGGIE" on her shirt today

Italian sloppy joes I made today (And I made the spaghetti sauce!!) See the recipe here

Friday, January 11, 2013

Photo Dump

Finally a resolution I can get behind.

After having the flu/a stomach bug/food poisoning

Tuesday morning mist

Elephant scrubs for volunteering at the free clinic
Sleepy dog
Girl is not a big fan of clothes

This morning
E on wednesday
Location scouting for a photo shoot. There is beauty to be found in unexpected places

Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year!

Can't believe it's 2013 already. I'm gearing up for another semester of school, or rather three since I don't have another significant school break until next December...

This semester I've got an Intro to Theology class, in spite of the fact that I have a religion minor from my first degree and have taken 8 religion or philosophy classes in my undergrad career... sigh. Anyway this class is only online so at least I don't have to go anywhere to take proctored tests.

Then I've got Care of the Adult Client I and two days of clinicals for this class.
The second 8 weeks of the semester I've got Care of the Adult Client II and one 12 hour clinical day. Bleh... I'm just hoping this semester is less work than last semester, which it surely has to be. I don't know how it could be more!

I'm set up to take photos for friends of the family this weekend downtown which is pretty exciting, although also nerve wracking. I've never down photos downtown so it might be interesting.. We'll see.

Otherwise I'm still just trying to sleep, read, watch TV and generally do as little as possible before this semester starts. The worst part is going to be getting up early again! I can't stand getting up at 4:30 am to get to clincals on time..

I've been working on my website for my postpartum doula work, but I haven't published it yet because then I may start getting emails about it and for some reason I'm feeling like I'm not ready to start taking clients... I don't know..

Anyway, off to read!

Friday, January 4, 2013

friday photo dump

first photo dump of 2013!! can't believe that its 2013 already

sunday morning

 bagelheads with kaykay on sunday

CRAB CLAWS. my absolute favorite

hair dying party
park on monday
new years eve

NYE coverband at Vinyl called Jukebox Superhero

curly hair before the humidity got to it 

NYE. she's got some cap'n in her
tuesday at the beach

Friday lunchtime