Saturday, July 28, 2012

Friday Photo Dump!

Snuggly times with E. 

I had milkmaid braids on Monday. :)
So early tuesday morning.
My outfit when I don't leave the house all day.
More snuggles
Eating, her favorite pastime.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Friday Photo Dump!

This week's friday photo dump a day late.. :)

E came to spend the night last saturday

Reading Looking for Alaska in bed.
Colten here for dinner on Sunday
Leaving work on Monday night.
E waiting for her mama.
Physiology studying..
It FINALLY rained here. After no rain for a month and half. E seems confused.

My book stash in my car... Shh.. don't tell.
Haul from the used book store.
Wristband at Meg Cabot's signing!
Meg Cabot speaking
Then we got to meet her!!
 E playing with her shopping cart.
Spending quality time with E. I can't believe I used to feed her bottles when she was a newborn.. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Photo Dump

Friday Photo Dump! So happy it's Friday. I've got a lab test to take tomorrow then I'm halfway through this physiology class! 

Pool time!
 Theodore resting in my chair with his favorite purple blankie.
 Toy messes make me happy.
 Got my birthday print from Kay in a frame finally. Now I just need to hang it up.
 Outfit thursday
 Giant strawberry
My life. I study and Gigi sleeps.
 How she woke up from her nap.

 Indy Reads bookstore downtown!
 Author John Green doing a reading and then a signing!
 My book.
Then I met John Green. I babbled incoherently but then asked him what his favorite word was. He said "lovely"

Monday, July 9, 2012

Halfway through my year in books!

I'm halfway through this year's reading! I set my goal on Goodreads to read 50 books this year and I've already read 33! 

Here are some of my favorites (starting at the beginning of the year):

The Fault in our Stars
I'm ashamed to say this is the first John Green book I've read even though I follow him on tumblr and twitter... But it's a great book! As Maureen Johnson described it, "It's a cry-tastic cancer comedy!" and that may be the best description I've seen of it yet. It's a wonderful read but have the tissues nearby because it's sad.
Recommended for: fans of YA, teens, people that like books about cancer, fans of John Green

Little Princes
This book reminds me a bit of Three Cups of Tea. It's the story of a 20 something guy who goes to Nepal and volunteers in an orphanage. He discovers that many children in Nepal are illegally trafficked and he vows to help return these lost children to their parents if possible.
Recommended for: people that like memoirs, anyone interested in orphanages, wanderlust souls, fans of Nepal

A Midwife's Story
This is a memoir of a nurse midwife who trained in the UK and eventually became a midwife for the Amish in Pennsylvania.
Recommended for: Midwives, midwifery students, nurses, nursing students, anyone interested in midwives

This is a YA dystopian where everyone between the ages of 20 and 60 is dead. This leaves only starters (anyone below 20) and enders who are usually in their 100's. Ender's have the ability to rent the bodies of starters to relieve their glory days. Incredibly interesting story that draws you in from the beginning.
Recommended for: YA fans, teens, fans of dystopia, science fiction lovers

A memoir by a comedian about her struggles with "agoraphobia, depression and unruly hair". Very funny and will definitely make you feel that your life isn't quite so horrible anymore when you find out that Benincasa was at one point so afraid to leave her room that she peed in bowls and hid them under her bed.
Recommended for: Memoir lovers, people interested in mental illness, anyone who likes to laugh.

The second book in the Divergent trilogy. This is a great follow up to Divergent. As soon as I finished it I wanted to read it again. It's just as action packed as the first one.
Recommended for: YA fans, teens, dystopia lovers, SciFi fans, anyone that likes to read!

In my Father's Country
This is a memoir from an Afghan born woman who returns to Afghanistan as a civilian interpreter for the US military. She has a unique viewpoint from someone who lived in Afghanistan and understands the Pashtun traditions but has the freedom of being an American woman.
Recommended for: Memoir lovers, people interested in international affairs, anyone who wants to read a first hand account of the US war in Afghanistan.

The memoir of a woman who was born into a Hasidic Jewish sect in Brooklyn. She grew up and got married but then left the sect after her marriage and subsequent birth of her child. This is a very interesting look into the lives of Hasidic modern day women.
Recommended for: Memoir lovers, people interested in Judaism, religion fans

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer
I had read about this book and it was recommended to me by a friend but I wasn't completely sure when I read the synopsis. I'm glad I got it anyway because once I started reading I was hooked! This book is part YA love story, part supernatural psychological mystery.
Recommended for: YA, teens, supernatural fans

I was a bit hesistant about this book when I read the synopsis but it had a 4 star rating on goodreads so I decided to give it a shot. I LOVED this book. I wasn't really sure I'd be into the whole cyborg thing but this book was wonderful. It is a (sort of) retelling of the Cinderella fairy tale but that part of the story really isn't the most important. The main components of the book are much more interesting (in my opinion). This is another great YA dystopia.
Recommended for: YA, teens, fans of SciFi, dystopia lovers, techno geeks

Friday Photo Dump Birmingham Edition!

Few days late because I was in Birmingham this weekend! 

 It was 110 degrees and then our AC broke... So I slept on the first floor of the house.. Ee gads.

 Watching Wizard of Oz with E.

 French braid I did myself
  Got a great price on a baby at the store.

 Our hotel room in Birmingham!
 Some fake purple hair I was sporting
 Mmm donuts!
 California Pizza Kitchen. YUM

 Reunited!! We were quite happy about it!

 Outfit for dinner.
 Seafood!! Popcorn shrimp and crab claws. NOM
 Breakfast Saturday morning.
 French Toast
 Five Points South
 Science Museum fun!

 Outside a restaurant.
 Mountain Brook

 Sunset on the way home
 Antique store find
Aaaaand I've been conditionally accepted to nursing school!!!