Sunday, September 7, 2014

Photo Dump!!

It's September!! Seriously…. How did it get to be the fall?!

I went to Indian again last weekend for my 6 days off to meet my new nephew! Before that I got to go hang out with my cousin, aunt and uncle at their lake house! We went tubing (no pics of me doing it). It was a lovely monday spent hanging out on the lake, that of course included smores!

Other than that I've been working and cleaning up at home because my apartment was starting to get pretty gross. Yesterday I took a day trip to Montgomery to visit Heather! (Hi Heather!!). It was a fun little trip even if we did keep turning down dead end streets and getting stuck in parking lots.

I decided on September 1st I was going to do yoga every day during the month of September, so I stole the hostage from yoga girl Rachel Brathen of Yoga Every Damn Day! So far it's been going good. It has been hard on the days I'm working, but I made my goal of doing at least 10 minutes and I've kept it!

Farmer's market find! 

One night leaving the hospital, it's getting dark so much earlier now. 

Oh Birmingham, you're kind of pretty. 

New nephew! 

Yoga every damn day in September!! 

Capitol Books in Montgomery! 

Someone should take snapchat away from me. 

Heather and I in front of the Fitzgerald Museum! 

You know, where Zelda and Scott actually lived in Montgomery. 

The art museum, keeping it classy. 

The Alabama Shakespeare Festival

Pics of E in her mom's wedding dress year 3! 

Meet Everett! 5 lb 6 oz. 

And yes, he usually sleeps with his mouth open. 

Annual cousin IMA pictures!