Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer! At last.

So I've been out of school for three weeks now (it actually feels like much longer). I've been enjoying my time off doing nothing related to school. I've read a ton, watched movie and tv shows and surfed the net A LOT.

I managed to get all A's and B's in my classes!! I was soooo happy when I saw that. I really was completely in shock. I was just hoping to pass the damn classes but I actually managed to do pretty well in them!

That means I'm taking Physiology online this summer and applying for nursing school for the fall. I'll know by mid-July if I got in... I'm trying to do this positive thinking thing. I WILL BE IN NURSING SCHOOL IN THE FALL!

Meanwhile I'm keeping busy reading and learning all kinds of fun stuff for my birth assistant job. I've got the assistant workshop this weekend and hopefully some births coming up!

We welcomed the official start of summer this weekend by a trip to the neighborhood pool! It was nice. I only got a bit sunburnt. :p

Off to enjoy some more summer for a few weeks before my class starts and I feel guilty for every minute I don't spend studying.