Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Photo Dump

And it's actually FRIDAY! So lets pretend that I haven't missed the last three weeks of photo dumps…. Okay? Okay.

How the hell is it August 15?!?!? I refuse to believe that the "official" summer is coming to an end. Although that the great part of living in the south. It will be warm here for another couple months. Maybe longer depending on what this winter is like. And since last winter was so long and horrible, I demand a short, mild winter this year!

I went to yoga in the park! The weather was gorgeous for July!

Kayla and I went to see Sara Bareilles! It was great! 

Spent some time in Indiana at the beginning of August. 

Of course we went to the state fair! And I found a house just for me! 

And of course some amish pretzels!! 

Lotus flowers are my favorite. You can't tell but these were blue.

Rach and I went to the botanical gardens on possibly the hottest day of the summer. 

Then we went to Nashville and of course we had to get doughnuts!!! 

Also, Miss E turned 3! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

In which I have failed horribly at photo dumps for weeks!!!

Yikes, it's been a long time!! Well we're already halfway through July!! How did that happen!? Where is the summer going??

My favorite doughnut place on this earth.

I miss this fool

This friday night was a strange one… 

 Morning sunrise

Flower market! 


Classy nights

And then, while we watched the World Cup game, they shot a no budget rap video in my friends pool

Post world cup



My final photo in my 52 week project that I abandoned. It just became too much of a chore to take pictures every week. It wasn't fun anymore…

Sunday, June 15, 2014

One massive photo dump

Soooo… I went on vacation last week!! It was a great time. The weather as lovely and I spent so much time on the beach and in the pool. I also had lots of time to take photos which was lovely! I still can't believe I spent 12 years living near the beach and never really cared about it too much. But now that I'm away from it I crave it! I was reading in a magazine while i was there that being near bodies of water induces a state of "relaxed euphoria". Well that explains it! 

Made it hard to come back and work 3 12's in a row. Had this weekend off and I'm back tomorrow for 3 more. Then off to Indiana!