Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring timeee

It's spring time!! The temperatures have been in the 70's all week!! I'll take it. :)

I've been on spring break this week and I'm soooo sad its over. I really really don't want to go back to school. Right now I'm feeling like I'd be okay being done with school... forever. I mean when I sit back and look at it, I've been a (basically) full time college student for 7 years. Give or take a few summers. But seriously.... I'm so over it. And it doesn't help that all I have right now is science classes which I hate with a passion.

But alas.. I've still got 7 and a half weeks left of this semester. Then I'm probably going to take physio online at some point this summer. But I made the decision that I will not be taking any classes on campus this summer. I need a break... (I told my mom it was either a break or a breakdown).

I'm trying to be okay taking my time, and stop pushing myself to get through these classes as fast as possible. Since obviously thats not really working out too well for my grades... So I'm slowing down. Trying to enjoy life. I read like 3 books this spring break! THREE. hahaha. It was lovely.

Meanwhile the boys were here yesterday and today and we had Emmy last night. It was crazy but blissful to have all of them here. We went to the park today. It was super busy because of how nice is was. But oh well. I may have even got a bit of sun!

Anywho I should be off to bed. I've got to get up and go to school all day tomorrow. :(

Saturday, March 3, 2012

In like a Lion

March is here! And boy does Mother Nature seemed to be pissed. We had tornado warnings and sirens going most of yesterday it seemed. Then in the afternoon there was a tornado (or maybe more than one) that touched down in southern Indiana and destroyed a couple of small towns.

Unfortunately my brother in law's 90 year old grandmother was living in one of the towns that got basically flattened. We had a tense couple of hours trying to figure out if her house was okay, where she was and whether she'd been hurt. Finally around 8 we finally heard that they had found her and she was on her way back up here to stay with family for a couple of weeks. Miraculously the little apartment building she lived in was basically fine, even though everything around it was gone. Just amazing.

My thoughts are with everyone that was affected by yesterdays tornadoes. (There were tornadoes in 8 states yesterday alone, I believe.) Sheesh.

Meanwhile I'm plugging away in school. I've got one more week till spring break, which I'm going to enjoy. Then 7 more weeks left in the semester. Just hoping I can make it through with the grades I need for this darn nursing program.

I wrote a post on my other blog about modesty and feminism, you can view it here.

Other than that I've been reading a lot (I've read 13 books so far this year!). I'm working towards my goal of 50 books in this year. If it keeps going like this, I may actually make it!

Picture of Emmie Lou from last week. (I promise her hair is really blonde, not red like it looks in that picture)