Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday post two weeks overdue. Plus CHICAGO!

Didn't post anything last week because it was crazy and we left for a weekend in Chicago on Friday. Ahhh the windy city. I love it.
Super long post!

Last week, reading outside

The view overlooking the lake and navy pier from our hotel room!

We had been in the city for about an hour when we stumbled on part of the Divergent movie set! We were super excited!! I had to take a picture in front of the Amity one cause that would be my faction. 

Saturday morning Kayla and I went on a walk to find donuts from Do-rite donuts. The cinnamon crunch old fashioned was my favorite! NOM

Photographic evidence that we were actually in the city together! 

In front of the Erudite entrance, Rachael's faction.

Curls saturday night!

Trying to stay awake and study on the ride home sunday

Sometime this week.. 

Monday night... bleh

Kayla's birthday present for me

Coming home from clinical last night

This morning. I was amusing E by tying a blanket on Gigi like a cape. Emerie thought it was hilarious, Gigi not so much.

Went to the pool tonight even though it was overcast. and got in even though it was cold. 

Curly hair monday for a Memorial Day party

Memorial day party at Amber's new house. 

E and her BFF

Art Institute of Chicago's lions. 

Rachael is having none of our silliness. 

 The bean!

Saturday, May 18, 2013


last weekend. exploring amber's new yard 

Monday night downtown

Wednesday sunbathing study break

wednesday night

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Weekly wrap-up!

Well I'm a day late like always but I have a good reason! I was studying for my final and working all week. Took my final yesterday morning and passed!! Then went out to drink... erm i mean lunch. Then had an orientation and then went to drink.. erm i mean dinner with friends from school. 
But its official!! I'm halfway through nursing school!!! So excited. Third semester starts monday... so I'm going to try to soak up all the time off I get... you know two whole days. 

Sunday morning.. headed to bed after being up all night

Rach and Gigi having "a moment" hehe

Tuesday morning

Tuesday sky
Thursday outfit. I'm not sure that I've ever willingly worn red before! 

Gigi thursday night. She is such a creeper!

Friday lunch

Friday dinner

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Finally Friday!!!

I should just change my friday photo dump to saturday. That's when I seem to get it done lately... But oh well. Phew! I can't believe its may!

I've got one final for this semester on the 10th and then I start the summer semester the 13th. These first 7 weeks are gonna be rough. Clinicals two days a week and one test every week. 

Wednesday sunset. It was 85!! I laid out in the sun. Lovely

Spring has finally sprung! 

Tuesday. We know how to make nurses happy! 

Last day of clinicals for this semester. Last day with my awesome clincial instructor. And yes, we're all wearing tiaras.. 

Thursday I went on a walk for work

Thursday drive home. 

My boss sent me home with eggs from their chickens. So pretty! 

Anatomy of a bun II

Friday morning BUBBLES

She was rocking some Shirley Temple curls. 

And sometimes she's even cuddly. 

Umm.. Some time last weekend. Can't really remember when. 

Monday hair

More pictures from my day spent with E. We had all kinds of fun together. Mostly just hanging out outside because the girl LOVES to be outside. And bubbles, there were lots of bubbles.