Friday, October 22, 2010

Jani's Journey

Jani’s Journey

“UCLA diagnosed Jani with child onset schizophrenia. When in a psychotic state, no one could reach Jani. She would bite the furniture until her mouth bled because she said it made her teeth feel better. She tried to jump out the window at UCLA.

The worst part was the fear that we were losing our daughter forever, losing the bright and happy child she had been, and we were powerless to stop it.

We only have one dream, and it is that Jani is still around for us to hold in twenty years.

We want two things; to keep Jani alive and to allow her enough happiness that she wants to stay alive.”

Please go to their website and read the full story of Jani’s struggle (Jani’s dad writes an AMAZING, eye opening blog). Even if you can’t donate any money to her family at least become informed (They’re struggling financially while trying to maintain two apartments to keep Jani and her little brother Bodhi safe and trying to continue Jani’s equine therapies that help her so much).

Pass this story on to other people. Make people aware of what families go through dealing with mental illness.

Even if all you do is share this story, help people discover what so many families fight against.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Well, well

Well, long time no post. I’m not even sure why… since I haven’t really been doing that much.

I’ve been reading lots of Jane Austen for my class and writing papers and studying for tests. We joined Netflix so we’ve also been watching lots of movies. Mostly Jane Austen, but some other stuff. I watched The Business of Being Born. It was soooo good. So interesting and I loved getting a different point of view than the normal hospital birth view.

I’m gearing up and trying to get some school stuff out the way this month because I’m going to attempt to do NaNoWriMo again in November. Which means that all of my free time will be gone. Haha. Oh well.

Anyway enjoy the recent pictures. :)