Saturday, July 27, 2013

Friday photo dump... on saturday

We're doing things backwards this week with my big camera pics before instagram ones.. but whatever. 

Accidental bump-it action going on Sunday.


Thursday afternoon. 




Trip to the IMA

Self portrait inside Old-fields

So much dislike for cardiac!

Blueberry poundcake from last Saturday 

The zoo on Sunday!


Friday, July 19, 2013

Mini Friday Photo Dump

Hello!! So its been like 2 days since my last instagram post.. but whatever. I'm trying to get back on schedule. So I'll just post a mini friday photo dump..

I miss being able to actually write blog posts. Even though they weren't that exciting, and were really only for me to reread I miss having time to write them.

There's four weeks left of the summer semester. Then I'm moving into my fourth and FINAL semester of nursing school!! Whooo feels good to say that. This summer I had maternity, mental heatlh and now I'm in peds. This fall I'll have management, critical care and community health. Among some other bogus online classes. But I'm sooooo close to the end. I'm making plans about my graduation trip (probably Orlando and then maybe somewhere further south with a beach!), and trying to decide when I'm going to take the NCLEX (before my trip or after).

Then of course there's the whole business of finding a job and actually managing to get hired. Which honestly is stressing me out to no end. I don't like uncertainty... I would really like to know where I will be working next year and to that end where I will be living! What bugs me most is that I can't seem to decide what unit I even want to work on, much less what city or hospital. Part of me knows that I need to be a labor and delivery nurse to get in hospital experience... but I fear that I won't be able to get a job there. ER is my other love, and it would be a great way to get a ton of experience doing IV starts, blood draws, caths, etc, etc. So I'm torn. Also.. will anyone even hire me?!? Luckily I've got the job I have now and I'll be able to take on more once I'm actually an RN so that's at least something.

Anyways.. a small update on my life. Mostly I can't believe its the middle of June and I'll be graduating in less than 5 months!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My week(s) on instagram

Only about a week overdue.. whatevs. School's been consuming my life (although when is it not?). 

Theodore just walks up besides rachael's chair and waits to be petted. 

Summer cleaning I did last week

Really crappy nail polish i bought, but some rings I found in my room!

Theodore loves me!

Walking her puppy on friday

Saturday symphony on the prairie!


Rachael reenacting the opening montage to the Sound of Music. 

Gertrude (right) finally bit the dust, so meet her sister, Maxine.

Present to myself, just cause.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday photo dump overdue!

Whoops... no friday photo dump last week cause I was LAZY! 

After a false alarm labor call. I couldn't resist a cherry coke! 

I forgot how awesome bubble baths are! Not just for kids!

Pool time!

Ice cream!

Symphony on the Prairie y'all! Movie music of John Williams. It was super fun!

Me: Stop eating cheetos for a second so we can take a picture together!

More symphony 

Firework finale set to the theme from Star Wars!

Recently finished

IV start practice at work this week. 

Curls so I can try to ignore the length I got cut off my hair.

AMERICA!! And cookie cake

Sky on fourth of July!

And a few minutes later. 

Viewing for the neighborhood fireworks

Crappy ass nail polish I got. It's all streaky and chipped after a day.. 

Before the CHOP and after..