Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Photo Dump - Oh YEAH

At a birth for 22 hours on sunday. I was so ready to be home.  

Sunday night, never so happy to be in my own bed.

Tuesday lab practice at school. OH YEAH

Business card case that I got from Brighton. Now just waiting for my business cards. 

The sunset wednesday night

My grandma passed away wednesday. So relieved she's not suffering anymore. This is her with my grandpa.

We will be super clean when the apocolpyse comes! There are 14 bottles of simply saline there.. FOURTEEN

Headband from monday

 The superheroes took over the fire station.
Very excited about the "DOGGIE" on her shirt today

Italian sloppy joes I made today (And I made the spaghetti sauce!!) See the recipe here

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