Wednesday, March 17, 2010

random late night mumblings

A photo of my newest nephew Colten shortly after he was born last year.

I have decided I have insomnia. But only when I’m at school. For the most part I sleep fine when I’m home in my bed. But the combination of worrying about getting up for class, an uncomfortable bed here and I don’t know what else, just causes me to be completely unable to sleep. Which super duper sucks. So I just popped a sleeping pill and I’m hoping it will actually work.. I kind of hate to be reliant on them, but hey you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.

In other news, I have done the outline for my paper that’s due tomorrow. But I definitely need to actually write it. But hey that’s what all day tomorrow is for. Thank goodness for not having class until 5. I’m also reading The Handmaid’s Tale for my gender and religion class. Its quite an interesting book. I need to get through a bit more by Thursday. But knowing me I’ll probably just finish the book.
Only two more days left until the weekend!! And really a day and half cause I’m skipping my last class on Thursday. Shhh, don’t tell. I feel kinda bad. But I never skip class, so not really.

I really really want to take more pictures, but I just find my own life so boring that its hardly worth it. When I was around my nephew and he was there all day it made much more sense to document my days, because he was always changing and growing. Which would probably explain why parents have so many photos of their kids, esp if they’re photographer parents. I keep hearing my biological ticking. Which is stupid because I’m not even 20. But the fact that I have endometriosis makes me feel like I might have fertility problems when I do try to conceive. Which just sucks. Although I’d love to adopt a baby from Vietnam, or Russia or really anywhere. I think its awesome, but there are age restrictions and you have to make so much money. Not to mention the fact that the actual act of adopting costs A LOT. I don’t know, I have a while to think about it. And I mean really, I don’t need a kid at 20. I don’t have job, or a degree. Or any money for that matter.

Alas, I wonder why I’m so crazy sometimes. I look forward to sleep and hope that its coming soon.

Goodnight all!

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