Wednesday, February 24, 2010


ain't she purty??

View from the deck! so pretty

oh yeah, we're that cool.

just because you don't see enough of my face already.

Oh… hai blogger,
Long time no talk. Been a pretty uneventful week so far. I had a religion test yesterday that I was kind of stressing about, but it turned out to be pretty good I think.

I’m going to try to post more pics on here. Cause hey, it’s fun. We went to Destin last weekend. We went to eat, I had some yummy sautéed crab claws. Then we baked chocolate chip cookies and went to the hot tub/pool. So lovely. And of course, time with Kayla and I wouldn’t be complete without a bunch of crazy face pictures. I’ll only post one though.

One of my best friends is getting married May 1st and I feel like the wedding/bridal shower planning will never end. Even though I’m not even doing that much. Unfortunately Destin is horrible place to try to find a hotel on the beach with even semi reasonable rates. So mostly I’ve been surfing all these sites looking at condos I can’t afford. Hm… we’ll see what happens

I really need to find a job for this summer. Which is going to be hard enough on its own, but the fact is I really don’t want to slave away making minimum wage all summer. So hopefully I can find something where I make a bit more than that. Or a waitressing job so I can at least get tips. I think I’m also going to audition for Royal Caribbean cruise lines for an entertainment job of some kind. Who knows what will happen with that. Probably nothing but it’s worth a try.

Well, since my birthday’s coming up in a little more than a month, I’m starting a birthday wish list. More for myself than anyone else. Cause I can’t always remember. Haha.

A lomography fisheye lense camera
salt water sandals (in white or brown)
lightroom editing software
north face backpack

Hm, I guess that’s all I can think of right now. I swear there was something else. I have the worst memory ever.
Well, I’d better get started on reading for todays women/western culture quiz. Blah blah.

check out my flickr for more photos!!

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