Thursday, February 4, 2010

Busy, busy

Well, I’ll snatch a minute, in between all the stuff I should be doing right now. I’ve got to pack the car and make sure I have all the stuff I need. We’re going back home this weekend (as we do every weekend…). I’m supposed to babysit on Saturday night, which I’m not all that excited about… but whatever.

I’m going to an interfaith/intro service at a Jewish temple tomorrow night for my religion class. Hopefully it will be interesting, I’m pretty excited. Part of my intro to religion class is that we have to visit a church or place of worship and then write up our feelings on it. I decided I wanted to go to a Jewish service because I’ve never been! Guess that’s as good a reason as any.

I am so tired of shopping. I literally, have dreams (or you could call them nightmares) about dress shopping. How’s that for uneventful dreaming?? We did another sprint through the mall today to look, and there really is just NOTHING available. There are no springish colors and the styles are… *shudder* I don’t know, we’re just having no luck.

I’ve got two papers due next week and a test. I’m not really that worried other than the fact that my Women/Western Culture teacher didn’t give us our paper guidelines until last night. So I figured since she wasn’t giving it to us till then, that it wouldn’t be that intensive. WRONG! And of course the damn thing is due Monday. Ugh. And I have another paper due Thursday on The Chronicles of Narnia and C.S. Lewis. Hopefully it won’t take me that long… we’ll see.

Well there are tons of things I should be doing, so I’ll be off. I’ll leave you with this picture from last march. Dang, I’m ready to start swimming again!

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