Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Hello All!
And I’m sure by all I mean Heather!! And possibly Kayla… haha. But anyway, hello! I decided to start this blog because I haven’t had one for a while. A year ago I stopped posting on my livejournal and I thought I would get a new blog but it never really happened.

But I kinda miss it. Because even if no one reads it, it’s fun for me to look back on this stuff. I’ve found some pretty funny stuff on my old livejournal. Since I love writing, this shouldn’t be all that hard although I can’t say how interesting everything will be. I should be practicing my writing more anyways.

Right now I’m in school (2 more semesters after this one!) so I can’t say how regular my updates will be. I’m taking 15 credit hours this semester and all of my classes are boring except my Harry Potter and Fantasy Lit class. (Oh yeah, I’m taking a Harry Potter class and it counts for minor credit.) We’re reading the Narnia books right now. We’re almost done though and I have an essay on Lewis due next week. Hm, I should probably get on that.

Well, I ought to go get ready for Women/Western Culture class at 5. DANG. This class is boring as anything. I would really prefer not to go tonight, but I must. Although I might not change clothes… Heck yes, comfy clothes!

Now, I must sign off!

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