Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year

I still mostly can't believe that its a new year. Its strange to have to write 2012 on everything. I've only got a few days left of winter break before I have to go back to school. :(

There's my wonderful schedule this semester. The only thing that would make it better is if I didn't have to retake anatomy or take chemistry (which I hate). But I'm retaking anatomy with the other teacher.. so hopefully I'll get the grade I want this time.
After this semester I only have to take physiology and then I can apply to nursing school (I could also take microbio and immunology to apple to another nursing school... we'll see).

I'm only volunteering at the hospital twice a week this semester.. so that'll probably be good. I really need to focus on school and studying my butt off. I applied for a job at a hospital as a patient support partner.. and actually got called to interview for it but I guess I didn't get it since they've never called back. It was full time nights, so 3 twelves per week. But oh well. Apparently it wasn't the right time/job.

It would be really nice to have a job because then I would actually be making some money (and saving for school) but I'm also not sure how it would work with my taking hard classes/sleeping, etc.

We went to florida last week but I managed to take absolutely NO pictures... haha. I don't know why I didn't.. but whatever. It was very nice. The weather was in the 60's and 70's everyday and we got to eat all of our favorite food we miss.

Mostly this winter break has consisted of watching tv/movies and reading a bunch of books. My kind of break! I hate that I don't have much time to read during the school year so I've got to make up for it somehow. I also challenged myself to read 50 books this year on goodreads... but we'll see if that happens. Because thats like a book a week! hahah.

Anywho... happy January!!

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