Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm as blah feeling as the weather

Seriously... If I hadn't gone to Tennessee last weekend I don't think I would have seen the sun in weeks. It was sunny for a bit on sunday before I left. But otherwise it has been cloudy, rainy, cold, sleeting, etc here for what feels like FOREVER.

It's seriously bumming me out, this weather.

I had my first chem lab this week. Yuck. It was sort of hard and just generally annoying. We had to wear our goggles the whole time and I had these lovely red lines on my face from them. Haha. I need to finish my lab report of that. Then I've got my anatomy test next week to study for. Plus I'm sure theres some other studying/homework I should really be doing.

But I honestly had to bribe myself to get out of bed this morning, by telling myself I could play the supermarket mania game I'm obsessed with. :) hahaha. Sad, but true. Thats what my life has come to. Self bribery.

Meanwhile, I'm backing up my tumblr which is quite exciting. Although its taking FOREVER.

I haven't taken many photos lately and thats sad... I need to work on that. I also need to start going to the gym. like.. fo' reals. :p

Regardless, I'm off to listen to/transcribe my anatomy lectures for a while. Oh.. school.

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