Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Funday aka Baby Madness

I spent probably 6 hours today reading adoption blogs when I wasn't taking care of my niece. Seriously.. I chatted with my friend Heather this morning (also probably the only one reading this) and she showed me some new ones. I mean I've already got a ton that I've read or continue to read but she showed me more. And huge families at that. with 5-9 kids. So jealous.

Seriously my dream is to have 4-6 kids. I know that this is insane and probably won't happen but we'll see.. My friend and I talked about how much we think about/read about/research kids/adoption/babies/sperm to buy (in my case only). She may have also called me crazier than her for shopping for sperm online. What??? That's normal for a 21 year old right?

I know, I know. That's not normal. But whatever.. I'll just look at all this time reading these blogs as great preparation for when I actually have/adopt kids. Mostly I just read them, look at their adorable kids and want to cry from jealousy over the pregnant women in the doctor's office yesterday. (Uh yeah.. kinda sucked being one of the only non-pregnant ones there).

But I took time away from my obsessive blog reading to take care of my 5 month old niece. Seriously I love that kid. Even when she refuses to sleep even though she's so tired. I also spent some time outside with her because she loves to be outside and it was a balmy 60 degrees here today! I talked with the neighbor girls next door about my dogs and then their mom. I also looked at my websites for my classes that start monday and my chem teacher has finally updated it and of course I need a book that I didn't really know I needed by wednesday. Gr. But I think that I can get it at the bookstore on Monday. BLEH. Stupid school, I am so over you.

I am definitely not looking forward to being on campus for 6-10 hours two days a week. How the heck am I going to pay attention for that long? Geeze. I also really need to get my school supplies together and get organized for this semester. I'm also pretty sure I'm supposed to read some stuff in my books for monday. Double bleh.

Who'd have thought it would be warm enough for bare feet in January in central Indiana?

Until next time..


  1. I think the best thing might be that I am also writing up a post about adoption....and I'm also talking about you... lol.

    And yes, you are a little crazier than me in come areas. In other areas, however, I take the cake...then I eat it and wonder why I'm not skinny. :)

  2. hahhahahahahah. you kill me. i love that you're getting ready to write a post about it too. :p