Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Roundup

Well I survived my first week of the spring semester.

I'm only taking two classes but they account for 10 credit hours and like a million contact hours... saying I'm only taking two classes is a bit stupid really. And of course they happen to be Anatomy and Chemistry. YUCK!

I actually think Anatomy will be a bit better this time around. I've got a better Prof (fingers crossed). There are a lot more opportunities for extra credit than just tests and they are 5 mentors that we can go to that are kinda like free tutors. They are students who have passed the class already and can help show us how to get a good grade. I'm aiming for at least a B this time. (But I only need a C+ to get into the program).

Chem... I don't know. I have hated chem every time I've encountered in other classes and I have a feeling this time won't be any different. I guess we'll see. Hopefully I can get along well enough with the Chem resource center and not have to hire a super expensive tutor. Sigh...

Anyway.. I'm not that excited about this semester overall. I really dislike science classes (hilarious I know.. since I have to take so many of them). But I'm just hoping I can buckle down and get through these two and then take Physiology this summer. Then I'll be ready to apply to the nursing program for fall. I'm probably completely insane for trying to take physio over the summer... you know in a condensed version. But I really don't want to wait until fall.

So this went fairly well except for wednesday when I wasn't feeling great from this stupid bladder infection/UTI thing I seem to have... That was kind of tortuous to sit in so many classes for so long. Especially since I stay in one lecture hall for like 3 hours. I thought I was gonna lose it sitting in the middle of a row in a giant lecture hall surrounded by annoying people. I don't know if it was just the fact that I was closed in or what.. But I made it through and even managed to stay for my beyond stupid recitation where some guy next to me proceeded to talk my ear off for the whole 50 minute period. I was trying to actually do the assigned problem but this guy would NOT SHUT UP. I swear... I'm really not there to make friends. Just there to take these stupid classes. Sheesh.

And yes, I'm usually this anti-social.. haha. Especially with random 35 year old guys who talk about their A.A. like its best thing ever.

I'm sure there are some chem problems I need to be working on and I really should be reading my anatomy book (doesn't that idea just make you cringe. WHO READS THEIR ANATOMY BOOK?).

Instead my plans for the weekend consist of:
- finishing the last two episodes of the first season of Downton Abbey.
- finish reading The Fault in our Stars. (John Green's new novel. IT'S SOOO GOOD SO FAR. Even though I'm afraid its going to be sad.)
- perhaps start watching Buffy on netflix instant.
- sleep
- sleep some more. (seriously I don't know if its because I'm sick or what.. but I love sleep a lot right now.)

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