Saturday, May 8, 2010


recent headshot session I did with myself. :D

Hello blogosphere!

Long time no see. Been pretty busy I guess. Got through the wedding last weekend and through the first week at home this summer! Mostly I’ve been busy hanging out with friends that are only here for a few days, and applying for jobs. I’ve dropped off my application quite a few places… but haven’t heard from anyone yet. Unfortunately with a sucky economy and possible oil spill coming our way…. Most people aren’t hiring.

The wedding went well and it was very pretty. The weather wasn’t amazing, it was definitely windier and more overcast than we would have hoped for.. but it was still beautiful!

So, now I’ll continue to try to find a job and apply to a bunch of places. Hopefully something will turn up. :x

I also have a monster of a cold/allergy attack going on which is really annoying. Thanks a lot yellow pollen! Hopefully it will get better soon.

I watched An Education and Nine this week. I’d already seen Nine but I still loved it again. I absolutely love Marion Cotillard in everything she does. And I like Kate Hudson in that movie. An Education was a lovely little indie flick. I loved it because there were awesome clothes and British accents! Haha.

I would really like to go see that movie Babies that came out yesterday. I read that it’s kinda boring… but I really love babies so I think I’ll like it. And I’m sure I’ll get dragged to see Iron Man 2. Which I don’t really mind. Out of all the super hero movies, iron man is pretty good.

I did pretty well on my finals and managed an A, 2 A-'s, a B+ and a B this semester! And I made the Dean's list which I was happy about!

Other than that, I’m enjoying sleeping and being lazy. We’ll see what else happens..

(well, i was going to post a few pics from the wedding, but it won't upload them! Ugh.)

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