Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend!

I’ve finally gotten a job! Woohoo! Its working in a preschool in the 1 yr olds room. I’m super excited because I get to wear scrub tops to work. :D

Its going pretty well so far. I’ve worked three days. I like the kids, they’re cute. And I have tomorrow off. WOOT. We shall see. At least its Monday

I babysat overnight Thursday and Friday night. Which is kinda annoying. Especially since my cousin came in town. But whatever, its money too.

We had a little cook-in tonight with friends. (with burgers and hot dogs and chicken that was from our grill but we ate inside. haha). Then we made smores and ate ice cream it was lovely.


We also went to the flea market today. After a little adventure to find an ATM we looked around for a bit. And lo and behold we found these…

Yes, they’re pick axes. SCARY! Just sitting in a box at the flea market. Yikes.

My outfit for the flea market.

I also bought a wizard of oz puzzle. Hopefully it has all the pieces. Yay.

Bookshelf we moved to the front room. Now we have tons of room for our books!

Anyway.. that’s about it.

Off to watch harry potter 6.


  1. Yum, smores! I love your dress from the flea market!


  2. thanks! i love it too.

    and yes... this summer has been all smores all the time. my friend and i literally eat them almost every night.. which is really bad for our figures.. haha