Thursday, May 20, 2010

La Dee Da

Lovely hydrangeas that have been blooming in the backyard!

Well, no luck on the job front. But I’ve got a few more babysitting days lined up which is good.

Other than that, I’ve been doing a whole lot of nothing. Today I actually got some stuff accomplished by cleaning up around the house and doing laundry. YAY for productivity. But I also play a lot of Sims… haha.

Also, I’m a bit hungry.. hm I should eat some lunch.

I watch a lot of Law and Order SVU, Baby Story, and yesterday I watched and ANTM marathon. So, I’ve gotten a lot done lately!

We tie dyed earlier in the week so I have an awesome new blue and purple tie dye shirt.

I’m reading Shirin Ebadi’s book Iran Awakening right now. Its actually from my Gender and Religion class last semester.. but I never got around to reading it since it was an extra credit assignment. Its a fascinating read about Iran before, during and after the revolution. The list of books that I want to read is growing longer and longer because I keep seeing books I want to read but I don’t ever finish the ones I’m already reading.

I’m so excited for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to open! Hopefully we’re going the week after the grand opening. EEE! I’m ready.

Well, I’m off to read or watch SVU or something.

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