Tuesday, August 2, 2011


How the heck is it august?? Where did the summer go? I only have 3 weeks left till the fall semester starts.. which makes me incredibly sad. I'm enjoying not having much to do as my summer classes are wrapping up.

I've been volunteering at the hospital this week which I am loving! I'm working in the Emergency Dept. and it's sooo interesting. Stuff that would make others uncomfortable or grossed out is so cool to me. hahaha. I've seen some really neat stuff the last few days and I've been able to help out quite a bit by getting BP's and temps, transporting patients, rooming patients, doing some basic chart stuff. It's awesome what I can do as a volunteer just to make the docs and nurses lives easier.

I've also gotten to rock a baby the last few days, a 4 week old up in the special care nursery. Soooo cute.

I finished my access to healthcare essay for this scholarship contest. Now I just need to edit it and make it a bit shorter. Then I'll send it out this weekend. WOOT. I better get some scholarship money.

Anyways, enjoy some recent art journal pages I've done.

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