Thursday, July 21, 2011

July blues

I can't believe that it's more than halfway through July!! Where did my summer go? I still have a month left before fall classes start. But I've only got 2 more weeks left of my summer classes! Then a two week break before fall classes start. My schedule for the fall is sort of ridiculous.. although I did it all to myself... I'm sure I'll be angry at myself by midterms..

(You can click to make it larger if you're really curious.)

And yes, I have class on sunday mornings.. this school is weird. hahah.

I'm getting about half of my nursing pre-reqs out of the way this fall. I'm taking Logic and Lifespan Development right now, then these classes in the fall. That leaves Physiology, Microbio and Immunology and Chem for the spring. Eek..

Did I mention I have to attain the highest grades possible in all of these classes?? Specifically... straight A's. Yes, I'm going to be in serious pain. Especially considering I haven't taken a real science class in.. oh... 3 years? Brillant... Brillant. Also, the realization that I don't drink coffee and I'm not supposed to drink soda... makes me feel like this is going to be a LOOONGG couple of years.

The blue on there is my volunteer times at the hospital here. I got my TB test read yesterday and I've got orientation and shadowing next week. I'm excited cause I'm going to work in the Emergency Dept! Hopefully it will be interesting and maybe even lead to a job in the hospital! We'll see.

Anyway.. current plan is nursing pre-reqs the next two semesters. I'm applying for nursing school at a couple of different school. One with a start date of Summer '12 and two with fall '12 start dates. Whichever one I get into that is cheapest is the one I'll be going to. (Assuming I get in anywhere.. YIKES)

If I don't get into any of them... I'm probably going to Africa. You think I'm kidding? I've looked at a couple of volunteer/mission programs. So if I don't get into nursing school I'll hopefully be spending some time somewhere outside the US to nurse my broken spirit. (hahah.. sort of.)

Anyway.. there's my update on school for the rest of this year. I'm sure I'll be complaining about it soon.

Until next time...

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