Sunday, August 28, 2011

first week done

Well I made it through the first week of the fall semester. Only 16 more to go! (Yeah there are 17 weeks in each semestr here.. GRAWR. So annoying)

My Bio of Women class is probably going to be my favorite. My prof for that is kinda crazy.. but she’s funny and makes it interesting. My stats classs actually doesn’t seem that bad so far.. I need to do some problems for that today for my quiz tomorrow. Intro Microbio seems to be okay.. I’ll probably have lots of studying to do for that. And I haven’t had a lab for microbio yet.. so I don’t know what that’s gonna be like. My anatomy lab was neverending! 3 and ½ hours on Thursday nights. My teacher talks forever.. goes over stupid stuff and blah.. but his lecture was actually better this morning. Hopefully lab won’t be like that every week.. or I’m going to go crazy!

The weather is actually pretty nice right now.. highs in the low 80’s.. but its supposed to get hot again later this week. BLEH. I’m ready for fallish weather. I love sweaters.. and it’d be nice to wear them and not sweat in them.. haha

I helped out out the senior health fair at the hospital yesterday morning. I got to drive people around in golf carts all morning which was pretty fun. Although I managed to get a rather awkward sunburn on my chest and my nose. Ah welll..

Bleh.. I’m sure I have a ton of studying I really should be doing… I don’t WANNA. I would like to sleep. Which I suppose I could.

Photos of my room that I've finally gotten done lately.. :-)

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