Saturday, February 8, 2014

Photo Dump - Vacation edition!

I finally got to go on my long waited for vacation to florida this week. I've been planning this trip since the fall when I was crawling my way through my last semester of nursing school. I obsessively checked the weather in Ft. Myer's the last few weeks. It was 86 degrees when we touched down! It was glorious!! 

Sadly I'm back home now and there is a bunch of snow on the ground… UGH. But at least I'm slightly more tan!

Last saturday. Wearing a swim suit!! 

Sunday morning

Arts fest, sunday.

I'm on a beach!!! Ft Myer's Beach.

Sanibel Island, Monday

Heavenly biscuit!! NOM

Peanut butter doughnut!

Bonita Springs

Ford's garage! Very yummy!

Look at the sinks!!!

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