Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Photo Dump!

Last photo dump of February!! I've been busy the last couple weeks. Went to Birmingham to look for apartments last week so this week was spent deciding on an apartment and getting all the logistics of that figured out. Then I had to actually start… packing! I apologize for the lack of quality pictures this week. Packing and running around town getting everything done took over my life this week. 

Private eyes are watching you...

Sunday packing status update

Tuesday packing update. The boxes are multiplying!

Wednesday. I should have taken one today cause I'm pretty much completely packed now. But I'm too lazy to go upstairs.. 

Gigi and I. Gonna miss this furball way too much. (Who am I kidding she'll most likely be coming to live with me in a couple months)

Week 8/52

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