Saturday, December 15, 2012

My to do list for winter break

Oh man.. I finished my first semester of nursing school. Most days I was sure I wouldn't make it to the evening.. but somehow I managed to get through all 8 of my classes this semester. I don't have all of my official grades but I passed all my classes so I will be continuing on. Only three more semesters to go and I'll be graduating next December!!

After being completely consumed by school since August and finishing only 2 books the entire time my greatest desire is to read a million books over break. We'll see how many I get done. My goodreads goal this year was 50 and I'm waayyyy behind now thanks to school. I think I've got to finish 13 by dec 31st and I doubt that that will happen.

I've been in a workshop for my job this weekend and I've got another day of it tomorrow. If I didn't have to drive an hour each way I would be enjoying it a lot more. The workshop is lots of good info, I just hate being up early and driving! I've got to get recertified in CPR on wednesday for school and then I'm helping out in the office at work on thursday... We're set to leave the day after Christmas for Florida to stay for a week. Super excited about that!

My to do list for break:
- order my school books for next semester
- get my drug screen for school
- work on my website for my postpartum doula business I'm setting up for myself
- get business cards ordered
- actually update my many blogs!!
- read the bazillion books I've got checked out from the library and on my to read list
- sleeepppp
- watch tv and dvds that I haven't been able to all semester

I'm hoping next semester will be a quieter one at school (its waayyy less credit hours so that should be good) so I won't feel like I get so behind on everything else in my life. Living and breathing nursing school for 4 months is ridiculous and exhausting.

Happy winter break to all of you college students out there!!

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