Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Photo Dump

Because I have no ability to blog anymore due to my life being consumed by my physiology class, here's my friday photo dump.

 E eating breakfast. I do appreciate the quiet time we spend together over breakfast when no one else is awake.
 Physiology studying.. It's consuming my life.
 Outfit on Tuesday. Out to eat at Steak and Shake and then to Meijer's!
 My example of what to do when your hair hasn't been washed for four days and your face is all broken out: Slap a headband and some mascara on and head out the door.
 Sometimes she's a bit needy and will try to climb up in the chair with me.
 E helping Grandma work. She's VERY helpful, that one.
 E watching the dogs eat dinner. She likes to sneak a few mouthfuls of dog food whenever she gets a chance...
Reading "Under the Banner of Heaven" in bed last night. Had to use the available light because it was 103 degrees here yesterday and was too damn hot to even turn the lights on.

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