Monday, June 20, 2011

final days

a note my mom left me before my sister's baby shower. I especially like that she put my sister on the to bring list (the RB in the note).

Well I’m in the last few days of my time in florida. We’ve finally finished cleaning and packing up the house. Now we just have to figure out how to get all the crap we have left into the car. Hmm..

I’m still trying to work on schoolwork because I have some due Friday.. bleh. I will be glad when I get to Indiana and I can spend more uninterrupted time working on schoolwork. Cause lord knows I need to get an A in this class. so I need to buckle down and do it! I’ve got a week from today until my logic class starts. That one I actually have to go to campus for.. should be interesting.. I hope.

We’re staying at our friends house until we leave later this week. Its kinda crazy cause we have two dogs and they have two big dogs. And the dogs don’t really love each other so it definitely keeps things interesting. I call it the puppy parade when I let them out in the backyard. So funny how different they are.

I took photos for a BETA show last weekend. It was frustrating because there wasn’t really enough light and so I would get one usable picture for every 10 that I took. BLEH. But I powered through and got a few good ones I think. Hopefully people actually order them.. so that all the time is worth it. (and I might make a bit of money! Which is always welcome)

I really need a job! I’m so tired of applying for jobs and being rejected. I just need a job! Preferably in a hospital… I just keep hoping that there is a perfect one out there for me and I’ll get it and I can finally stop worrying. We’ll see..

Random things on my mind:

- - - Why doesn’t my hotmail work on my computer?!

- - - Why do my dogs have to be so close to me all the time?

- - - How can I watch the same america’s next top model marathons over and over again? (like I’m doing right now)

- - - Why can’t I get a job? (oh yeah.. no related experience. And no related experience because NO JOB)

In spite of all of these things I really am happy. I guess I keep expecting to be sad because I’m leaving.. and I sort of am.. I’m definitely going to miss my friends here but overall I’m still not particularly sad.

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