Sunday, May 29, 2011


Well I've been busy since my last blog, but also I feel like I haven't done much. Kay and I went to Orlando to Universal Studios but I haven't gotten those pictures back yet. Then I ended up going to Indiana with my aunt on a kind of spur of the moment trip last week. Left Saturday and got back last Friday morning. Lots of driving.. which I'm not a fan of.

But I got to see my sisters and my nephews. Also one of my cousins just had a baby so I got to see them. I ate a lot of good food and explored Bloomington a bit.

We had some pretty nasty weather while I was up in Indiana. There were tornadoes a couple of different times but luckily they all missed our house. But it meant a lot of watching the weather and spending some time in the basement. Ah, the joys of living in a state with tornadoes.

Today we're doing a Memorial Day cookout with Kay's family. Woohoo. Off I go to get my brownies out of the oven.

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