Thursday, April 28, 2011


Greetings from the end of the semester!

I survived!! I finished my last final today! That means I can officially celebrate getting a bachelor’s degree!! Well I guess I’m going to celebrate by cleaning some more and packing up our apartment. Woot…

My Islam final was Monday. It was an essay test but I think it went pretty well. I’m expecting a B in that class. (wish it were higher but I’ve consistently gotten B’s on all of his tests. Oh well).

I took my Marriage and Families final on Tuesday. It was online and pretty easy considering I’ve actually had to read the book for the quizzes. I got a 90 on that one. I’m pretty sure I’m getting an A in that class. According to my gradebook it’s a 91 right now. I think that will be my final grade. WOOT

On Wednesday I took my College Algebra final. I was really nervous about it because I wasn’t doing that well on the practice sets. But I figured out using the crazy grading formula that I only had to make a 65 on the final to get a B in the class. So then I was a little more relaxed. I managed an 80 on the final which makes my grade a B! I’m so proud. I hate math classes and I’m so glad to be passing this one!

Then today I took my Multicultural Film final online. It was really annoying and always asks really obscure questions. So I wasn’t really expecting a very good grade on it.. but I managed a 92 somehow! So I’m pretty sure I’ve got a 94 in that class!
All in all I’m expecting 3 A’s and 2 B’s. not too shabby. I would love more A’s.. but oh well.

And now I’m DONE! So I’m going to bask in the glory and clean some more.. or shave my legs so we can go take cap and gown pictures later today.
I get a break of 13 days before my online class for the summer starts. So annoying.. but it must be done if I want to get all of my pre-reqs for nursing out of the way. Ah well..

Until next time!

Some really old pictures of me from May of '09 that I found on Kay's computer.

a red velvet from earlier in the week! Celebrating finishing my first final.

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