Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 - The Year in Review

Well, this year is almost over! I can't believe it! I'm pretty glad though I guess because 2014 is probably going to bring lots of exciting firsts.

Some highlights from this year:

- Attending 29 births for work this year!! Was so hoping to get to 30 this year (and 40 total!).

- Successfully passing all my classes for nursing school!

- Surviving clinicals that I thought I would never make it through

- Discovering a love for critical care (ICU) nursing that I never thought I would have.

- Lots of time spent outside this summer reading or hanging out at the pool.

- Really working on going to the gym a couple of times a week

- Going to Chicago in May with Kayla Fane! I love Chicago

- Seeing Darren Criss in concert!

- Going to Symphony on the Prairie twice this summer and then two indoor symphony concerts this fall!

- Time spent exploring the IMA with friends this summer and taking pictures there with my niece and nephews!

- A trip to Birmingham in August!

- Making lots of great friends, and becoming closer to a great group of girls from school!

- Seeing Sara Bareilles in concert in the SECOND ROW!

- Spending the last couple months of the fall studying my butt off so I could…

- GRADUATE NURSING SCHOOL IN DECEMBER!!  I thought the day would never come. But somehow it did. Earned those three little BSN letters after my name.. Now to add the more important two, RN.

- Heather coming to visit in December and then heading to Birmingham again!

- A restful Christmas at home. (after welcoming an early morning Christmas baby!)

Some favorite photos from this year:

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