Monday, October 21, 2013

A Five Year Plan?

So.. for whatever reason I wrote a five year plan 2 years ago (well 2 1/2 years ago if you want to be specific. February of 2011).

No specific reason why other than I wanted to have some idea of where I was going and where I wanted to be in five years. Is every 2 years... err... 2 1/2 years a good time to update the 5 year plan?? I mean that is halfway to five years.. Maybe that 's a great time to reevaluate.

Some background info to set the scene. In February 2011 I was 20 years old, finishing up my last semester of my undergrad degree. I was trying to figure out what the heck I was going to do with my life after graduating, including where I was going to live as my mom was most likely moving back to Indiana. I was intensely torn between staying in Florida, moving to Indiana because it was easy and cheap and moving somewhere else entirely.

My 5 year plan - Feb. 23, 2011

- Get a BSN
- Get a job at a hospital. First as a patient care tech, then as a nurse.
- Save money
- Travel internationally
- Work a job I love
- Try to get involved in women's rights too
- Start researching grad degrees for a Master's in nursing
- Move out
- Buy a Mac
- Take more photos
- Dance/Work out
- Write more

An evaluation on how I'm doing now.
- Well I'm 50 days away from a BSN so I'd say I'm doing pretty well on that front!
- That didn't exactly work out. I applied for no less than 8 million tech jobs up here and interviewed for two. I didn't get either of them. Getting ready to start working on the nursing job in a hospital.
- Save money.. Well I've been moderately good at this. Until a couple of weeks ago I was doing pretty darn well. But I haven't worked much recently.. But I'm actively working on it.
- Travel internationally. Still working on it. Hopefully next year!
- Work a job I love. Found that in my job as a birth assistant. Even though I'm having a hard time with the job right now for various reasons... I love it a lot.
- Women's rights.. Does blogging and reading a lot about it count?? Cause I totally do that!
- Definitely been researching grad degrees for my masters. Now I just have to decide when I want to start and where I want to go.. Probably not for a few more years. Online? San Francisco? DC? New York? Decisions, decisions.
- Move out. NEXT YEAR, MAN. Once I get a job.. the plan is to move on outta here.
- Buy a Mac. Well I ended up getting one as a gift for graduation so that worked out.
- Take more photos. Yeah.. I definitely managed that, if my way overloaded iphoto is anything to show for that. But I'm loving it. And I can't wait till I have more time to do it next year.
- Dance/work out. Sadly no dancing. But I have been working out 2-3 times a week for the last year and half ish. Planning to do some aerial silks or dance or belly dance or SOMETHING next year. I'm excited about that.
- Write more. I sort of succeeded in this? I haven't done Nano in a few years.. which I'm sad about.. but I have been writing some every once in a while. I'm super sad I can't do it this year.. but I'm planning to start writing more everyday as soon as I get done with DARN school!

An updated 5 year plan - Oct. 13, 2013 (Yeah it's been sitting in my drafts folder for a bit...)

- Graduate nursing school and pass the NCLEX! (EEK!)
- Get a job at a hospital. Hopefully somewhere I enjoy.
- Save money. Still..
- Travel internationally. YUP. Also, see above point... The list of places is long though.
- Work a job I love.
- Blog more. Find out a way to be more involved in issues I care about.
- Decide on a few schools I might want Master's degrees from and start applying. (After I figure out when I can handle... I mean *want* to go back to school)
- Move out. And stop commuting about 2 hours EVERY DAMN DAY.
- Be a responsible adult. Pay bills, handle things on my own. Decorate my apartment.
- Take more photos. Do some workshops or get some mentoring for my photography. Maybe start a little side business. But, ENJOY IT.
- Continue to work out. Start some aerial classes! Or pure barre, or dance or something!
- Try to write a little everyday. Set myself a word count and REACH IT.
- Get some experience as an RN and then move to a new city. Experience a different culture, force myself to grow and meet new people.
- Figure out how and when I want to start having kids. Foster, adopt, bio? And when? My weird old plan was always start before I'm 27. Well that's only like 3 1/2 years away.
- Learn another language. Seriously.. my French sucks. But I wish it didn't.
- Go on a medical mission trip.
- Spend more time with the friends and people I love. Build myself an intentional family.
- Get some tattoos.

Also, a while back I found a quote from a survey I did. You know one of those ones that circulated myspace.. back when myspace was still a thing.
The question was: three things you would like to do?
My answer: Travel the world, get tattoos, have babies.
I feel like this should be my tagline for life. This sounds like a pretty swell way to live.

Here's to another 5 years.


  1. That should be your blog tagline! :) That's a great five year plan. I should do this too! I have a five year and ten year plan somewhere.

    You are my favorite, just so you know. And one of my most beloved intentional family members.

    1. awww thanks!! :) I LOVE YA and you should totally find your five and ten year plan and share them!