Sunday, February 17, 2013

Friday wrap up

OOPS. totally forgot to post this on friday. whoopsies. 

last weekend.. theodore in technicolor 
Very strange sunrise from monday

Gigi on monday. She is such a weird dog. 

Taught myself how to dutch braid monday night. 

Braid in my hair on tuesday

Braids wednesday. Can you tell it was the week of braids?

E wednesday. Sitting in a booster seat being a big girl. 

Making valentines for my clinical group and watching lost girl
View from Wednesday afternoon. Studying for my stable class. 

Stable on thursday. LONGEST flipping class ever. But I did get to tour the NICU so there's that.. 

Thursday, loving my new scarf! 

And another scarf. This one on friday. And my nails match! 

Skirt and sweater that I ordered from Forever 21. The colors even match! 

E on friday after it snowed two inches in an hour. She flipping loves the snow (or maybe its just being outside in general)

Friday afternoon

Rach was laying backwards in the chair so Gigi decided to join her (love that this legit looks like a zappos ad)


Friday evening

So excited to only have one more day of clinicals on the floor. Then I'm going to do my OR observation on wednesday. Then I've got 3 weeks off before my next clinicals start. Unfortunately tests and school crap to do between then... but at least I can go get my nails done!

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