Monday, September 10, 2012

Friday Photo Dump on Monday

Whoops. Didn't get around to this post on friday...
I left for Birmingham on Saturday morning. SUPER EARLY. Like woke up at 4:15 early... 

 Visited Detroit's airport.
 Got two seats to myself! SCORE.
 Out at dinner on Saturday night with Heather.

Bagel! I was super excited for this... 
Crab and corn chowder from whole food. Nom nom. 
The studying follows me no matter where I go.
 Peanut butter pancakes. Sound gross but they are AWESOME.
 Trusty traveling buddies. Gotta get one with wheels for the next trip though.
 Wednesday when I got home..
 Gigi missed me while I was gone.

E out for lunch.
 Friday morning mist.
Saturday went up to watch the boys for a bit while their parents painted and hung curtains
 Their windows are so big!
 Naked boy helps them hang curtains.
 Sunday morning church hair.

 Sunday afternoon studying on the porch.

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