Thursday, August 9, 2012


I can't believe its already nine days into august! It feels like the summer just started.. I'm not looking forward to the fall weather. I'd rather it be warm so I can go to the pool forever!

I am looking forward to the fact that my online physio class ends saturday! Then I have approximately 8 days off before I start my fall classes. At least I've got a few days. I'm hoping to fit in some pool time and reading for pleasure!

We've been busy for the past few weeks. We had my nephew's sixth birthday. Then a bunch of preparation for my niece's first birthday. My grandparents from Florida were here for a week, staying with us. I did a photo shoot for my niece's first birthday and finished a great surprise gift for my sister.

I went to registration for my nursing classes and bought all of my millions of textbooks for this semester. I got my nursing tote in the mail which is all of my medical supplies like IV tubing, fake meds, foley catheter kit, etc. I'm pretty excited about it. But I won't get to use any of it until October when my fundamentals class starts. I'm not looking forward to how many classes I'll be taking this fall. It's going to be a lot of work.

My schedule this fall:
1st 8 weeks:
- Human Nutrition
- Professional Nursing Concepts
- Abnormal Psychology
- Professional Roles
2nd 8 weeks:
- Fundamentals of Nursing clinical
- Dosage Calculations
All Semester:
- Pathophysiology
- Pharmacology

It's gonna be busy... Well I'm off to work on physio.

Pics from E's party and 12 month photos

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