Thursday, April 19, 2012


Okay so April is almost over... but better late than never!

I got a job as a midwife's assistant last month! I've been to a couple of admin days at the office but haven't gotten to witness a birth. Hopefully it'll be soon! I'm super excited and I've got lots of classes and stuff coming up to do with that.

I've got 1 and half more weeks of this semester left!! I have one week of classes, and anatomy lab exam and then three finals.
I can do it! I've just got to buckle down and study my butt off! So much to do that I can't even bare to think about it. But then I'll be done!! I'm not doing any on campus classes this summer, just physio online. Then assuming I pass it, I should be in nursing school this fall!!

*Fingers crossed*

I've got so much studying to do! Off I go.

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