Monday, December 19, 2011

Winter Break AT LAST

It is finallyyyyy winter break. There is nothing so sweet as this. No studying to do until january! No classes to go to and all of my time to read!

On my reading list right now:
- The Wilder Life
- Rereading all of the Little House books. (I finished Little House in the Big Woods last night)
- My Year with Eleanor
- The Glimmer Palace
- The Vespertine
and probably a million more. I'm off to the library and Barnes and Noble today to pick up these.

I'm not doing much until christmas other than volunteering at the hospital after my 2 week break for finals week. Then we're heading to Florida after christmas! I'm so ready for warmer weather and FLIP FLOPS. Oh how I miss them.

Anyway, until later.


  1. Hopefully your month of voracious reading goes better than mine is, lol. :D

  2. it's going pretty well so far. hahaha. :-) i'm sad yours isn't. i love reading!!!