Saturday, November 19, 2011

Family Time

Because I'm too tired for proper sentences.. a list!

Things I have done the past few weeks:
- volunteered at the hospital
- went to my nephew's birthday party last weekend
- took family pictures two weeks ago (see evidence below)
- went to my classes
- did a stats project
- worked on anatomy study guides
- took tests
- started reading the second matched book, crossed
- been reading a ton of blogs about women who have left the quiverfull/ati/message movements
- etc

things i'll be doing in the next few weeks:
- taking an anatomy test tomorrow (EEEK!)
- i've got a stats test and a bio of women test monday (neither of which i'm prepared for)
- then i've got a glorious 6 days off from school for thanksgiving.
-getting some christmas shopping out of the way
- probably doing black friday shopping
- some sort of thanksgiving dinner
- hopefully going to see my week with marilyn at some point
- reading!

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