Saturday, October 15, 2011


Well its October! Actually its already halfway through October! I’d be sad but that means I’m just that much closer to the end of this dreadful semester. I’m looking forward to eating a bunch of candy for Halloween and then eating a bunch for thanksgiving.. maybe a trip to florida if I can manage it. Then the end of this semester and Christmas!

My days have been consumed by studying, homework, classes and volunteering.

I also managed to fall off a horse last week and bruise the crap out of my tailbone so I’ve also been drugging myself and taking lots of baths. All in all it’s a great time here…

Emerie’s already 2 and half months old! Good grief. She got her ears pierced yesterday but I’m sad to say I don’t have a great picture of that yet. Perhaps today when she comes over to spend the night so her parents can go to a wedding.

I’m so over all of my classes.. I hate pretty much everything about them, they’re incrediblyl time consuming and I’m still just barely keeping my head above water. If I really wanted to do amazing in these classes I’d have to study 20 hours a day and never sleep. Since I’m a big fan of sleep… that won’t be happening.

Needless to say I’m mostly stressed out and tired all the time. I try to take time to relax and chill, but I just end up feeling guilty that I’m not studying.. not that I ever actually stop relaxing to study.. but its just not very fun when all I can do is stress about school. Only 10 weeks left…

Next semester I’m taking Elementery Chem and the lab, Physiology and the lab and probably a nutrition class online. That sounds like not too much but supposedly the physio teachers suck… and the chem class requires a lecture, recitation and lab (plus I SUCK at chemistry..) so I’m sure it’ll be just as much fun as this semester.

But hopefully I’ll be applying for nursing school for summer of 12.. only a few short months away! If I can only make it there.

I hate to be so pessimistic.. but unfortunately that’s just my life right now. Que sera, sera..

Anyway.. Can you believe how big she is??

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