Sunday, May 10, 2015

New blog!!

I started a new blog with my friend Kayla over on Squarespace. It's called Sunshine and Thyme! There's not much on there right now but there will be! Come say hello!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Funday Photo Dump!

Whoops I started compiling this post a week and half ago and then forgot about it. 

Just a throwback thursday to a picture I never posted from Disney! 

Dyed over all my grey! 

One morning at work.

And then in February there was one glorious day where it was 66 and sunny!

Sunset over a lake


More sunsets

Accidentally got my nails painted to match my phone

The whole foods flower section might be my idea of heaven

Hoping to invoke spring with flowers! 

Just finished

*Sad trombone* Apparently I've been walking around on a fractured foot for three weeks… So now I have this lovely boot.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Orlando Photo Dump!!

I went to Orlando a few weeks ago! It was lovely. Especially because it has been pretty cold here and it was (for part of the trip at least) warm and sunny there! Plus I was off work for 8 days!!! That was amazing.

But first, I went to Destin for New Years Eve!!

Monday, January 5, 2015

End of the Year Photo Dump!

Yikes, I have become horrible at my photo dumps!! Here's to a new years revolution of being better at posting here! Anyway, lets play catch up. Here are my photos from November through the end of the year. 

Want some backstory behind this photo? I saw this sky driving to work at 6 am, so I drove to the top of the parking garage just to take a picture. Worth it.

This is my cleaning scarf!

I guess this is the benefit to flying at 530am. You can watch the sun rise from the sky.

Hey Atlanta. 

Well that's not a bad view from Jersey!

The Met

St. Patrick's

Doughnuts from DOUGH!! Yum!!

Chelsea Market

My dearest Meagan!

The inside of the Kit Kat Klub at Studio 54! Gorgeous! 


Umm… and then I met Emma Stone. 

And Alan Cumming!

Love this gorgeous nighttime view

The view of Birmingham that welcomed me back. 

My little skinny tree

Went to the zoo while Gretchen was here in early December 

Winter skies

Home for Chrismtas

Sleepy baby.

Merry Christmas!!